Final trimming

Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors provides final trimming services using our range of graders for hire for projects across Western Australia

Final trimming ensures that the surface of your road construction or earthmoving project – whether it be bitumen, gravel, or pavement – is shaped and smoothed correctly before it is locked in. At Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors, we have over 40 years of experience as final trim grader operators and offer our expertise to major projects across both Western Australia and nationwide. Whether you need final trimming on a major highway project or small-scale car park construction, we are more than eager to provide our expert service to you.

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Our final trimming services are second-to-none, delivering exceptional detail solutions when it comes to your road constructions or grading needs

Final trimming is a specialised task that requires a high degree of precision and attention to detail. As the final step in road preparation, final trimming ensures that road surfaces are even, level, and correctly graded. In order to provide the highest quality end product, Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors has years of expertise in this area and offers road contractors and civil contractors the latest grader hire for final trimming projects. 

We have a wide range of road construction machinery available to complete any road grading or final trimming project, and our experienced operators are committed to delivering an exacting finish each time. With the combination of our experienced personnel and modern technology, we guarantee a top-quality road surface for road contractors and civil contractors across Australia.

Wet plant and grader hire for your complete trimming services

At Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors, we offer comprehensve grader and additional plant hire services to suit the needs of all final trimming services. With our John Deere 772D motor grader, we have all the high quality equipment you need for your civil earthmoving and final trimming requirements.

We have various wet plant and grader hire options that can be tailored to suit any trimming job, regardless of its size or complexity. Furthermore we offer final trim services as well, allowing you to finish off any trimming project to an exacting standard.

Fivestar Earthworks completed final trim project

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