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Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors is an Indigenous owned company that offers grader hire for all civil earthmoving projects across Australia, specialising in final trimming, subdivision construction, major freeway construction and mining site construction.

Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors is a highly experienced grader hire and contracting company with 40 years of experience working across Australia. We have experience operating in civil, construction and mining projects across Australia, ranging from small subdivision construction and final trimming to mining site construction and freeway construction. Utilising our John Deere 772D motor grader hire alongside our GPS base station and LPS total station hire, we can independently complete final trimming without the need to constantly have surveyors on site.

Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors provides wet hire graders for final trimming, civil earthmoving, surveying and excavation projects throughout Western Australia and Australia-wide.

Using internally serviced and maintained graders, Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors provides premium grader hire, final trimming service and civil earthmoving for projects throughout Australia. We take into consideration all safety risks and the environmental impact for every project that we work on to ensure sustainable construction and infrastructure. Our operators have the decades of experience needed to provide expert service to your project no matter how large or small.

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Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors is based in Western Australia, Mandurah and provides its civil earthmoving, construction, final trimming and grader hire services Australia-wide.

We know that when you need grader hire for civil earthmoving and final trimming services, no matter where in Australia you are, you want the best service you can get your hands on. At Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the highest quality grader hire and final trimming service in the country. Taking advantage of our highly-trained and experienced operators with over 40 years of comprehensive experience in grader hire, we aim to deliver premium service to all our clients throughout Australia. We have worked on freeway upgrades up and down New South Wales and are currently working on several mining sites in Northern Western Australia, with companies which include Rio Tinto, NRW, FMG, BHP, Abi Group, Leightons and Brierty around the Port Headland and Karratha areas.

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Contact the team at Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors for all your excavation needs.

Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors has the proven experience to supply your next project with the high-quality grader hire and comprehensively experienced operator that will drive the job through to completion.

Whether you need small subdivision construction, final trimming, mining site or freeway construction, Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors can deliver excellence across any civil construction and earthmoving project in Australia. We are a dedicated and passionate team who work tirelessly to deliver premier construction and earthmoving solutions Australia-wide. If you would like to know more about our grader hire rates, contact us today for a free quote. Or if you have any questions regarding any of our service, don’t hesitate to enquire here.

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