Grader hire

Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors provides quality grader hire and highway grading services for major projects across Western Australia

Whether you need grader hire for final trimming for highway construction or land levelling statewide across Western Australia, Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors covers all types of grader hire services. Built off over forty years of service, our operators are highly experienced in the usage of graders for mining and construction projects across Australia. Though we are based in Western Australia, we serve locations all throughout Australia to ensure that major civil projects are afforded the best highway grading or civil grading services they'll find. Our range of graders is internally maintained by our highly-trained and experienced personnel to ensure that there are no breakdowns while on site, and that you get a machine operating at peak condition for your complete civil grading services.

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Our grader hire services are perfect for final trimming, compaction, realigning roads, highway construction, and much more

Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors grader operators are industry experts with over 40 years of civil earthmoving and grading experience behind them. Utilising this expertise, our operators can engage in any number of services, including final trimming, site preparation, sub-division construction, highway construction, and more. We encourage sustainable solutions, making sure that we help to maintain all environment conditions surrounding the site. 

We can quickly and efficiently analyse a work site with our  GPS base station and rover, combined with our LPS total station and data controller

Our onsite GPS base station and rover, LPS total station, data controller and prism/pole guarantee that mapping and locations across your site are precise down to the millimetre. In addition, our grader personnel boast years of expertise in collecting pickups, control layers as well as any other locational requirements necessary for project completion.

At Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors, we believe in providing high-quality grader hire service at affordable prices

When you hire from Fivestar Earthmoving & Contractors, you are choosing a grader hire service that is recognised across Australia as a professional and experienced company with a comprehensive eye for detail. To make use of our grader hire for your next project, contact us now and receive a free quote on our grader wet hire rates. Additionally, if you have any questions, make an enquiry. We’ll answer any questions you have to the best of our ability.

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