What is final trimming?

Final trimming in its simplest form is the process of smoothing out flat surfaces such as roads or car park flooring to ensure the surface is level and cut to specification. Regardless of whether the surface is bitumen, gravel or asphalt, final trimming must be completed before the surface is laid.

This process is usually conducted by smaller machines such as rakes, skid steers, and tractors to fine-tune the surface after a road grader has flattened the majority of the area. In summary, final trimming is the last step in ensuring that a road surface is compacted and flattened in preparation for vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses to drive on to get from point A to point B.

Equipment needed to conduct final trimming

In order to conduct a final trim, you first need the correct machinery for your final trimming project. Road graders are the first step in ensuring that the surface area is level and ready for final timing.

A road grader, also known as a motor grader, is a piece of heavy equipment typically used to create a flat surface by removing material from the ground and spreading it out evenly. It is commonly used to level the ground for the construction of roads, railways, canals, and other infrastructure. The blade is adjustable to allow the operator to create slopes and crowns in the surface, depending on the depth requirements of the construction project.

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What is final trimming used for?

Final trimming is the last step in site preparation and is typically done after the grader has finished its work. Final trimming is an important step in the process of constructing:

  • Public, private and council roads
  • Highways
  • ​Car parks
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites

Benefits of final trimming

The main benefit of final trimming is that it ensures that the surface you are conducting a project on is flat and the entire surface is the exact height for the whole length. As an example, highways or roads need to be flat the entire length and this can only be achieved through conducting final trimming utilising a grader. Another benefit is that final trimming is much more accurate when compared to general grading. Final trimming can also be utilised to produce an inclined surface, to give camber or side slope to roads. In some countries, this is used to produce drainage ditches on either side of the highways.

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